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WARNING: Under development!

About this page

This page contains materials for the VTK-m tutorial.

This tutorial will be presented on Sunday October 20th at the VIS19 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

There are two options for running code:

  1. Building VTK-m on your own machine
  2. Running our VirtualBox image with VTK-m installed

Sections below describe how to pursue each of these options.

Additionally, attendees can get the slides HERE.

For additional development material, attendees can get the user guide HERE

Download and build VTK-m


  • Download V1.5.0 here.
    • (note the build page assumes you will be accessing the master via a git clone, but we encourage you to use the released version for the tutorial)
  • Do not enable the TBB, OpenMP or CUDA support, at least at first.
    • (we stand behind our support for these backends, but it is good to start simple)

In all, your process on Unix/Mac should be something like:

# (download VTK-m 1.5.0)
# tar xvfz vtk-m-v1.5.0.tar.gz
# mkdir build install # out of source build
# cd build
# cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install \
#       ../vtk-m-v1.5.0
# cmake --build . -j 4

The main instructions to download and build are here. That said, we recommend following the instructions above.

Download tutorial materials

  1. [slides] (60+MB)
  2. [examples] (0.03MB)
  3. [kitchen.vtk data file] (2MB) (on Mac: right-click and "Save Link As")

Build example code

Your process on Unix/Mac should be something like:

# (downloads from above)
# export P=/path/where/you/want/to/place/tutorial/examples
# export D=/path/to/where/your/browser/downloads/files
# cp $D/VTKm_tutorial_examples.tar $P
# cd $P
# tar xvf VTKm_tutorial_examples.tar # places tutorial files in $PWD
# cmake . -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="<path_to_vtkm-installation>/"
# cmake --build . 
# ./tut_io # run 1st example
# ls out_io.vtk # confirms 1st example successfully completed