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WARNING: Under development!

About this page

This page contains materials for a VTK-m tutorial. A mini version of the tutorial will be offered at the VTK-m Code Sprint in Albuquerque on July 30th. The full version (3.5 hours) will be offered at VIS19 in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday October 20th.

Download and build VTK-m


  • Download V1.4.0 here.
    • (note the build page assumes you will be accessing the master via a git clone, but we encourage you to use the released version for the tutorial)
  • Do not enable the TBB, OpenMP or CUDA support, at least at first.
    • (we stand behind our support for these backends, but it is good to start simple)

In all, your process on Unix/Mac should be something like:

# wget https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk-m/-/archive/v1.4.0/vtk-m-v1.4.0.tar.gz
# tar xvfz vtk-m-v1.4.0.tar.gz
# mkdir vtkm-build # out of source build
# cd vtkm-build
# cmake ../vtk-m-v1.4.0
# cmake --build . -j 4

The main instructions to download and build are here. That said, we recommend following the instructions above.

Download tutorial materials

  1. [slides] (60+MB)
  2. [examples] (0.03MB)
  3. [kitchen.vtk data file] (2MB) (on Mac: right-click and "Save Link As")

Build example code

Your process on Unix/Mac should be something like:

# (downloads from above)
# export P=/path/where/you/want/to/run/tutorial/examples
# export D=/path/to/where/your/browser/downloads/files
# cp $D/kitchen.vtk $D/VTKm_tutorial_examples.tar $P
# cd $P
# tar xvf VTKm_tutorial_examples.tar # places 9 files in $PWD
# cmake . -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="<path_to_vtkm-build>/vtkm/"
# cmake --build . 
# ./tut_io # run 1st example
# ls out_io.vtk # confirms 1st example successfully completed