Teleconference 2020-06-03

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Nick Thompson (ORNL), Nick Davis (SNL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Berk Geveci (Kitware), Vicente Bolea (Kitware), Mark Kim (ORNL), Sujin Philip (Kitware)

ECP Updates

  • Let's think about possible highlights
    • App engagement
    • Success with porting (e.g. run on Aurora)
    • Engagement with other ST teams (e.g. using Kokkos)
    • Fastest contour in the west
  • Special ECP issue of Transition to Accelerated Nodes
    • Decided to have an article summarizing publications showing device portability + use cases.

ECP task updates

ECP/VTK-m Project Management


Working on automatic testing on ECP CI.