Teleconference 2019-04-10

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL)

ECP Updates

ECP deliverable updates


  • [MS-19/08] Point Movement 2
    • There are already some filters in for point movement.
    • Still need some user's guide documentation


  • [MS-19/09] Path Geometry
    • Not started
    • Some of the functionality is already there
  • [MS-20/01] Lightweight Cell Library
    • Been doing some changes on the interface to the VTK-m cell library.
    • Most of the underlying library is ready.
    • Almost ready.
    • Still need to implement VTK-m data around it.
  • [MS-20/02] Specialized Data Models
    • Some work on how XGC used a rotated triangular grid for a bunch of wedges.
    • Need to generalize some code written by Matt.
    • Pulling in code from other contributors.
      • Connect up with Berk who is picking up XGC work from before.
    • Need to brainstorm on what other features would be useful.
  • [MS-20/03] Feature-Sensitive Surface Norm
    • First pass in a MR
      • Need to wait until CUDA 8 off all dashboards
      • Should be walking the graph traversal
  • [MS-20/04] VTK-m Release 3
    • On track
    • Probably June would be a good time for a release.
  • [MS-20/05] Cell Metrics
    • Progress seems a bit slow.
    • Will make a sprint during the Spring semester
  • [MS-20/06] Contouring
    • Ollie looking into VTK implementation and flying edge paper.
  • [MS-20/07] Advanced Flow Algorithms
    • Merged in fix to do double precision correctly.
    • Still deciding what we want to do.
      • Planning on talking during DOECGF
      • Hybrid parallel seems like a good way to go
    • Dave is working on generalizing cell lookups and evaluators to work on all grid types

Rountable notes

We should try to collect some ECP data so that as we do reporting we can quickly generate relevant images. It would be great if we could also share across ALPINE and other vis projects.

  • Terry Turton has collected some stuff from LANL. Not sure if can be sent out.
    • She might have a list of distributed data in different places

There have been some code checked in that does not follow VTK-m coding styles (such as member variables not being capitalized, always using this pointer). We should be more vigilant during code reviews.

There are some new warnings on the dashboard. Are those in the process of getting fixed?