Teleconference 2019-03-13

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Abhishek Yenpure (UO), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Dave Pugmire (ORNL), Hank Childs (UO), Dave Rogers (LANL), Nick Davis (SNL)

ECP Updates

  • P6 Activities due by the end of this week. Have a meeting on this immediately following.

ECP deliverable updates


  • [MS-19/04] Ghost Cells
    • Code is all in. Just need to update documentation.
    • UInt8 has been added to the list of default types.
  • [MS-19/05] Merge Points
    • Implementation has been merged in.
    • Still need to update documentation.
  • [MS-19/06] Connected Components
    • Should have MR this week.
  • [MS-19/07] Advect Time Varying
    • Abhishek and Rob have been helping with issues with the grid evaluating code.
    • Fallback is to consider time varying code we already have merged in.
      • Everything will work for uniform and structured.
      • Abhishek will go ahead and write a unit test for the backup.
    • Proposal: work on grid evaluator stack issue one more week. If it does not work by next meeting, let's fall back.





Rountable notes

Abhishek and Dave P have been working through issues with the grid evaluator. Abhishek has submitted a paper to EGPGV.

Steven Walten is now officially on the project. He and Matt are working with SW4.

Brent Lessley defended his dissertation. Hank volunteers to create a highlight slide on some of the great work that Brent did: nontraditional algorithms.

Matt has been working with Ascent release. Had some compiling issues. Noted that you must use separable compilation. If you are using virtual functions on CUDA, they must all be in the same library.

Reminder: DOECGF 2019 is coming up!

Allie has been working on graph iteration for consistent normals. Also working on a CUDA 10.1 dashboard. There has been a strange regression in the math library on Windows. Still looking into that.

Sujin working on VTK/VTK-m data set integration for ALPINE.

Rob has been doing GTC prep. Will be presenting VTK-m next week. Fixed some issues that came up when making slides. Fixed some issues with Summit/XL compiler.