Teleconference 2019-01-30

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Abhishek Yenpure (UO), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Nick Davis(SNL), Taylor Berger (SNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Dave Pugmire (ORNL), Berk Geveci (Kitware), Haochang Liu (Kitware)

ECP updates

  • No more monthly updates (just quarterly updates)
    • Will go over more during these telecons to keep up to date
    • Need occasional highlights
      • Dave: comparison of streamlines to hard-coded algorithm
  • Prep for FY20 and beyond
    • Friday we will receive our budget for FY20
      • We were told it will be the same as FY19 and flat-lined through FY23
      • The number we will be given will be for whole project. Expect to keep same division of funding.
      • In practice this is a small year-to-year reduction
      • We should move forward in moving UO's contract to ORNL
    • We will also receive a template for a ~3 page "proposal" for what we plan to do
      • General description of what the project will do and provide
      • A very high level description of milestones
      • Due February 15, but for practical reasons we need it done next week. We will move fast. Reserve time to help respond.

ECP deliverable updates


  • [MS-19/04] Ghost Cells
    • Dave added a filter that removes ghost cells
    • Just made a filter that adds a ghost layer array to structured grids (to mark external areas as ghost).
    • It was suggested that for completion of the milestone, the histogram filter should be modified to optionally accept a ghost cell array to ignore inputs from ghost cells.
    • Ken and Rob need to talk a look at merge request
  • [MS-19/05] Merge Points
    • Ken is on the hook for merging the Merge Points worklet in.
    • Ken spent some time implementing this.
  • [MS-19/06] Connected Components
    • Ollie working on bug fixes.
    • Adding a filter in addition to a worklet.
    • Almost at the point to submit an MR
  • [MS-19/07] Advect Time Varying
    • The components are generally there.
    • Need to write some tests (currently there are only examples)


  • [MS-19/08] Point Movement 2
    • There are already some filters in for point movement.
    • Still need some user's guide documentation


  • [MS-19/09] Path Geometry
    • Not started
  • [MS-20/01] Lightweight Cell Library
    • Sujin is wrapping up tests for hex and quad and will then be able to show what is available.
  • [MS-20/02] Specialized Data Models
    • Some work on how XGC used a rotated triangular grid for a bunch of wedges.
    • Need to generalize some code written by Matt.
  • [MS-20/03] Feature-Sensitive Surface Norm
    • Working on fixing normals to be consistent across surface.
  • [MS-20/04] VTK-m Release 3
    • On track
  • [MS-20/05] Cell Metrics
    • Brent is working on this.
  • [MS-20/06] Contouring
    • Need to support all cell types
  • [MS-20/07] Advanced Flow Algorithms
    • Still deciding what we want to do.
    • Dave is working on generalizing cell lookups and evaluators to work on all grid types

Rountable notes

Ollie was in the hypertree hackathon last week. Learned a lot about hypertree grid in VTK-m. Helped fixed a few bugs.

Matt spent the week complaining about install not working. There should now be tests for that.

Rob has spent some time making sure all headers get installed.

Haochang finished asynchronous timer code. MR is there. Working on some test failures.