Teleconference 2015-12-09

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Chris Sewell (LANL), Berk Geveci (Kitware)

Rob has a branch for offering compiler options for CUDA (similar to the vectorization). Can specify specific architecture, all architectures, or native to current system. Native works everywhere except MSVC. If no CUDA device on system, falls back to Fermi (compute capabilities 2).

Version 1.0 ToDo List

We went through the Version 1.0 ToDo List with only some minor changes. Here is a snapshot of the current state.

Feature Status
Settling of the core interface Rob working on interface for finding what device adapters are available at runtime. Probably will move device adapter traits outside of internal.
Standardization of "filters" Rob is going to work on this. The current suggested approach is that filters compile to libraries and there will be a mechanism to select some alternate form of standard storage and other lists to recompile for different layouts.
Support worklet operations that are not one-to-one output Done
Basic file I/O Done. Except Matt has been having trouble loading in VTK files. He has had to modify the files to get them to work.
Basic rendering Not started yet. There is a Rendering Infrastructure design document.
Clean up Doxygen Need to get documentation syncing nightly.
User's Guide Behind. Trying to catch up.
Green dashboard
  • Still have problems with some CUDA dashboards
    • Some may have been resolved
    • There are issues with dejagore running out of memory
  • Some working CUDA dashboards have a timer failure
  • There have been some interop failures. - Rob thinks they are fixed.
  • Some further output issues on Windows (see delve dashboards e.g.
    • Need to get the buildbot tests running nightly to check up on this issue.
  • Some timeout issues on renar (e.g. Could be caused by JIT of CUDA kernels or might be because multiple things are running.
    • This should be resolved with a branch being merged in today.
Prototype VTK/ParaView/VisIt integration

(Technically not part of the release, but should indicate we have viable components.)

There was some integration for the SC demo, but that might not be very close to how we integrate in general. Still need to work on that.