Teleconference 2015-09-09

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Hendrik Schroots (UC Davis), Matt Larsen (UO), Jeremy Meredith (ORNL), Tom Fogal (NVIDIA), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Sujin Philip (Kitware), Chris Sewell (LANL), Ollie Lo (LANL)

We had some discussion about the code sprint aftermath as well as the upcoming CG&A paper. Not much worth recording there.

At the end of the meeting we had a discussion on what we expect to get accomplished before the VTK-m version 1.0 release, which we are targeting for January 2016. The following is a list of items that we discussed.

  • Settling of the core interface
  • Standardization of "filters"
    • What is the distinction between multipass worklets and filters?
    • Rob has a proposal for filter interfaces in issue #17
  • Support worklet operations that are not one-to-one output
  • Basic file I/O
  • Basic rendering
  • Documentation
    • Clean up doxygen
    • User's Guide
  • Green dashboard
  • Prototype VTK/ParaView/VisIt integration
    • (Technically not part of the release, but should indicate we have viable components.)