Teleconference 2015-05-13

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Attendees: Rob Maynard (Kitware), Dave Pugmire (ORNL), Jeremy Meredith (ORNL), Brent Lessley ( uoregon )

Brent introduced him self, as a student of Hank Childs. He a GSOC student that is working on implementing External Faces Algorithm in vtk-m. He has implemented a sort approach in EVAL and is going to work on porting that over currently.

DataModel work by Jeremy and Dave is progressing, currently having issues with vtkm::vec<const double> when mapping a point array to a cell topology. We decided the best approach is to have the execution Tag drop the const when deducing the vtkm::vec, discussed the technical details on how to implement this.

Robert is working on the Gitlab setup and testing. Currently we have 3 machines working as Merge Request testing machines, and will activate whenever a user comments on a Merge Request with the string "@buildbot test"