ECP Annual Meeting 2020-02-05

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Talked to Jim about contingency funding. He said they are worried specifically about getting Q1 funding out the door if it is needed.

  • If we don't need money right now, "Don't worry about it."
  • If you do need money, let's start the process.

Look at our roadmap into FY21. (This plan is why I'm only bugging you every other month about P6 Activities.)

  • Also solidify work for FY20Q3. (Due this month.)


  • I've been remiss on tracking this
  • I think it makes sense to track this on a quarter basis
    • Each quarterly review?
    • Each P6 Activity report?

Argonne extreme scale training: anyone going?


  • Change name of "Device resource management CUDA" (not just CUDA)
  • Consider pushing back some summer UO activities and insert some VisIt integration work


  • ISC?
  • SC?
  • Eurovis sounds like a good target
    • Submission deadline sometime in November