Code Sprint 2016-08-02

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Our second code sprint was held on August 2-3, 2016 and was hosted at Kitware, Inc. Corporate Headquarters.

Participant Project
Ken Moreland Virtual array handles
Berk Geveci Look over Ken's shoulder. Discussion on use of virtual methods and data APIs.
Brent Lessly Working on some worklets
James Kress Transition EAVL workflows into VTK-m
Dave Pugmire Get VBO completely working. Resolve git issues
Sujin Bugging Ken about virtual methods and data APIs.
T.J. Open for anything
Utkarsh Ayachit Get hands dirty with VTK-m
Mark Kim No plan
Will Schroeder Going to compile one program in VTK-m and run it
Rob Maynard Working with Ken on virtual arrays. Also looking into C++11
Samuel Lee Getting wavelet compressor in VTK-m package. Also working on block streaming
Chris Sewell First version of streaming working. Want to clean that up and make sure it is consistent with VTK-m. Get Mac developer