Code Sprint 2015-09-01

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CodeSprint 2015 09 GroupPhoto.jpg

Our first code sprint was held on September 1-2, 2015 and was hosted at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. We had a group of over 20 people that ranged from folks interested in VTK-m to experts in device hardware and software to the core VTK-m developer team. During these two days we tackled many programming challenges. Below is a summary of some of the tasks address and their status at the end of our time.

Work Status
Example of Isocontour and Rendering (in Examples directory) Merged
Optimized Uniform Point Coordinates Merged
Improvements of thrust inclusive scan on Darwin Merged
Tracked down 20% performance reduction in isosurface 15% recovered
General hexahedra isosurface Merge request
Generate hexahedra and tetrahedra data sets of any size Merge request
Proxy simulation wrapping Ran worklet, rendered externally
OpenGL interop example Interactive rendering, curated by Rob M.
Cell to point topology map Merged
Composite vectors for coordinate systems In progress
Vertex clustering improvements Merge request
Fixed isosurface bug Merged
Built independent project example Initial prototype, more work in progress
Thrust sort perform better Merge request
Point locator acceleration structure In progress
Notes for textbook
Integration to AVF-LESLIE combustion code
VTK unstructured grid file reader Merge request
Ray tracing Oh, God, so close!
Access PyFR data in VTK-m Working example