Teleconference 2020-07-01

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Nick Davis (SNL), Dave Pugmire (ORNL), Hank Childs (UO), Berk Geveci (Kitware), Matt Larsen (LLNL)

ECP Updates

  • Let's think about possible highlights
    • App engagement
    • Success with porting (e.g. run on Aurora)
    • Engagement with other ST teams (e.g. using Kokkos)
  • Special ECP issue of Transition to Accelerated Nodes
    • Decided to have an article summarizing publications showing device portability + use cases.

ECP task updates

ECP/VTK-m Project Management


An MR is open for the file image testing. Not sure how to render some of the test data sets.

Ken merged in major structural change to basic ArrayHandle. For the most part, the outside interface is unchanged. Getting the raw array out of the ArrayHandle has changed a bit.

Rename master branch?

  • Need to wait for some changes to git before the transition (for some automated features of repo).
  • Need to have new clones go to the new default branch - no problem
  • Can we for a time have a master that mirrors the new default?
    • Don't know, but seems possible. Will have to look into that.