Teleconference 2019-05-15

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Abhishek Yenpure (UO), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Hank Childs (UO), Dave Pugmire (ORNL)

ECP Updates

  • Jim is asking for a short plan on what we plan to do given some information about new information
    • Jim does not understand why we need virtual methods. Explain that.
    • (Option: JIT model.)
    • (Another option: copy arrays)
    • Open confluence page for draft
  • Starting to plan work detail for FY20 and beyond
  • New computer allocation coming next quarter
    • Projects like ours that need only a little bit of time will be automatically allocated a small amount of time on Summit and Theta.

ECP deliverable updates


  • [MS-19/08] Point Movement 2
    • Done except user's guide.
    • Let's get this done next week.


  • [MS-19/09] Path Geometry
    • Ramping up
    • Some of the functionality is already there
    • Probably need to add a poly-line cell type
  • [MS-20/01] Lightweight Cell Library
    • Been doing some changes on the interface to the VTK-m cell library.
    • Most of the underlying library is ready.
    • Almost ready.
    • Still need to implement VTK-m data around it.
  • [MS-20/02] Specialized Data Models
    • Mark Kim working on this.
  • [MS-20/03] Feature-Sensitive Surface Norm
    • Bumped up CUDA version so that we have our required CUDA 9
    • Can get back to actual algorithm
  • [MS-20/04] VTK-m Release 3
    • On track
    • Probably June would be a good time for a release.
  • [MS-20/05] Cell Metrics
    • Brent and Daniel are working on an MR.
    • Steven Walton is getting engaged on this.
    • Initial MR will only be about 1/3 of the metrics.
      • First MR is moving forward
    • Will advance after that.
    • Hank might have to jump in during the summer.
  • [MS-20/06] Contouring
    • Will model the problem after triangulation. Have different contouring for each cell type.
    • Ollie looking into VTK implementation and flying edge paper.
  • [MS-20/07] Advanced Flow Algorithms
    • Dave and James Kress have been working on getting several corner issues dealt with. Getting non-rectilinear data sets to work.
    • Looking into some performance regressions.
    • Oregon will push on FTLE.
    • ORNL will work on stream surfaces and Poincare plot
    • Working to move VTK-h code into VTK-m
      • This will happen, but possibly not before the Q4 deadline.
      • Berk volunteers time to help bringing code from VTK-h into VTK-m

Rountable notes

We should try to collect some ECP data so that as we do reporting we can quickly generate relevant images. It would be great if we could also share across ALPINE and other vis projects.

  • Terry Turton has collected some stuff from LANL. Not sure if can be sent out.
    • She might have a list of distributed data in different places


  • Thoughts on perhaps holding it at or near LANL to capture their summer students
    • Ollie and Ken will look into it and report next week
  • Otherwise Oregon in October

Rob has been doing work in preparation for next week. Fixed some compiler support. Improving some work with scatters. Improvements to logging to report kernel launch parameters.

Matt has been doing some Summit builds. Doing some fixes to VTK-m Spack packages.

Ollie working on moments filter. Reported some bugs on VTK file reader.

No meeting next week.

Rob will take over meeting May 29 to talk to Thrust folks.

  • Will be sending out details later