Teleconference 2018-04-18

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Robert Maynard (Kitware), Utkarsh Ayachit (Kitware), Sujin Philip (Kitware), Allie Vacanti (Kitware), Dave Pugmire (ORNL), Ollie Lo (LANL), Matt Letter (SNL), Abhishek Yenpure (UO)

Distributed pipeline work is now merged into master. Histogram filter works in distributed parallel. Also a simple example of redistributing points around. (Somewhat incomplete but is a motivating example.)

Rob working on getting CUDA stuff working and fixing errors.

Allie had a discussion about the implementation of an array handle that extracts a component from a Vec. Currently the component is selected with a template parameter. It makes the code much easier to make this a runtime selectable value.

Allie has implemented scan for OpenMP that is as fast as our TBB algorithms.

Ollie is almost finished with the image connected component algorithm.

Dave and Abhishek looking into time-varying particle advection.

Matt has mostly completed the MR changing how ExecObject is defined. Ready to be reviewed.

No meeting next week.