Teleconference 2016-04-20

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Attendees: Matt Larsen (LLNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), TJ (Kitware), Chris Sewell (LANL), Jeremy Meredith (ORNL)

Matt is working on a more generalized unstructured volume renderer.

Rob fixing up the cell set permutation code (permutations of permutations). Looking into build times and link times. Adding in LOD filter and cell average into VTK. Still a work in progress.

TJ using VTK-m to do filtering in the Legion project.

Chris is using the VTK-m/Legion stuff to do profiling. Latest version up and running on Darwin node. Getting to run on Moonlight. Chris supporting Hamish Carr on contour tree work.

Jeremy and Dave working on rendering. There are some issues with glut; it is not initializing the render window correctly in a unit test. Adding axes and tick marks. Things like basic color bar are coming in quickly.

Asserts are problematic because they throw exceptions and there are separate forms for control and execution environments. You cannot make general functions that run in both environments use assert. We decided for a variety of reasons that it would be better if there was one VTK-m assert that was basically a wrapper around the default assert behavior.