Teleconference 2016-03-02

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Attendees: Ken Moreland (SNL), Tom Fogal (NVIDIA), Jeremy Meredity (ORNL), Rob Maynard (Kitware), Berk Geveci (Kitware), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Dave Pugmire (ORNL)

Dave pushing on rendering stuff. Explicit cell sets and rectilinear. Can draw all three at once. Using a trianglation class. Is fairly smart about only getting external triangles, but does so by triangulating everything and then removing duplicates (from Matt). Fixing the issue where faces do not always match up.

Rendering stuff still on separate branch. Still need to work out issues with dashboards. Need to have compile configuration that is flexible when rendering system is not available.

Rob has made progress in integrating VTK-m into VTK. Can pass data from VTK to VTK-m and back to VTK.

The filters branch is not perfect, but we are going to merge it in and make changes as we go.

Jeremy working on annotations. Bounding box and axis. Fonts are next. Currently all off of the rendering branch.

We briefly discussed the Version 1.0 ToDo List. Here is a snapshot.

Feature Status
Settling of the core interface Other than little things and filters, the core interface is pretty well set.
  • Rob has a question about the "dimensionality" of the cell sets. That is supposed to be the topological dimensions of the cells. This would require all the cells having the same dimensionality, which is not really being honored. This is causing some problems. Jeremy and Rob need talk about this.
  • There is a similar question about the "order" on the fields. Right now, it is not used, and we should remove it. In the future, as we implement higher order cells, we will probably have to represent the interpolation as basis functions rather than
Standardization of "filters" Rob is ready to merge his first pass of filters into master.
Support worklet operations that are not one-to-one output Done
Basic file I/O Done.
Basic rendering Rendering is almost ready. Working out some build issues on the dashboard.
Clean up Doxygen Need to get documentation syncing nightly. Chuck looking into this.
User's Guide Behind. Trying to catch up. Making some progress.
Green dashboard
  • Still have problems with some CUDA dashboards
    • Some may have been resolved
    • There are issues with dejagore running out of memory
  • There have been some interop failures. - Rob thinks they are fixed.
    • Probably actually an X-windows issue. Chuck will look into this. Not currently at the top of his priority.
  • Some further output issues on Windows (see delve dashboards e.g.
    • Need to get the buildbot tests running nightly to check up on this issue.
  • Some timeout issues on renar (e.g. Could be caused by JIT of CUDA kernels or might be because multiple things are running.
    • Some issues have been found and will be worked out.
Prototype VTK/ParaView/VisIt integration

(Technically not part of the release, but should indicate we have viable components.)

* Eric Brugger has made some progress on integrating VTK-m into VisIt. He has an initial implementation and it is working pretty well so far. He has lately added further cell type support (particularly unstructured grids).
  • Rob working on VTK/VTK-m filter integration. Can now move data between VTK and VTK-m