SC15 Kitware Booth Presentations

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As usual, Kitware, Inc. had a booth at Supercomputing 2015 and invited several technical talks. Here is a brief overview of some of the VTK-m related activities in the booth.

VTK-m/Catalyst/ParaView Demo

Rob Maynard presented a live demo of using VTK-m in situ on a simulation running on Oak Ridge's Titan supercomputer. The demonstration was running the PyFR simulation with ParaView Catalyst integrated. Within Catalyst a series of VTK-m algorithms were run on the data, and the generated VTK-m data structures were rendered directly on the system. The entire operation from simulation computation to rendering happened completely on 256 GPUs devices without pulling data to CPU memory.

On the show floor was an instance of ParaView running on a laptop and connected over the internet to the running PyFR simulation through the Catalyst library. In addition to getting continuous updates of the running simulation/visualization, the local controls could interactively change the visualization as well as pause and resume the simulation.

SC15Demo1.jpeg SC15Demo2.jpeg SC15Demo3.jpeg SC15Demo4.jpeg SC15Demo5.jpeg SC15Demo6.jpeg SC15Demo7.jpeg SC15Demo8.jpeg

VTK-m Overview

[Ken Moreland] gave an overview presentation of VTK-m. This was a similar presentation to one given earlier at the Ultrascale Visualization Workshop. Slides for the talk are available here.