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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
17:54, 25 June 2020 VTKm tutorial examples 1.6.0.tar.gz (file) 618 KB Updated version of the examples from the IEEE VIS 2019 conference, working with the most recent version of VTK-m. 1
14:46, 20 October 2019 VTKm Tutorial VIS19.pptx (file) 41.45 MB Final edits, for developer code 4
11:56, 20 October 2019 VTKm tutorial examples.tar.gz (file) 617 KB update with CMake fix for visibility issue on Macs and c_str()+tut_logging issue for gcc on Macs. 2
09:14, 17 October 2019 VTKm tutorial dev1 V5.pptx (file) 4.69 MB V5 of the first part of the development slides for the tutorial 1
12:53, 16 October 2019 VTKm tutorial dev1 V4.pptx (file) 7.61 MB V4 of 1st part of dev for tutorial 1
21:28, 1 May 2019 Pugmire cgf19.pptx (file) 3.26 MB Presentation by Dave Pugmire at DOECGF19 as part of a panel presentation of VTK-m at scale. 1
21:27, 1 May 2019 Larsen cgf19.pptx (file) 64.86 MB Presentation by Matt Larsen at DOECGF19 (Monterey). This was part of a panel on using VTK-m at scale. 1
12:18, 6 April 2017 CodeSprint2017 GroupPicture.png (file) 6.26 MB Group picture from 2017 Code Sprint, April 5, 2017, Eugene, OR. Left-to-right: James Kress (UO), Abhishek Yenpure (UO), Sudhanshu Sane (UO), Manish Mathai (UO), Matt Larsen (LLNL), Nicole Marsaglia (UO), Bernd Hentschel (RWTH-Aachen), Brent Lessley (UO... 1